Bristol Airport Money Exchange

Getting hold of the right currencies for your break away, and buying them at the best rates can be a bit of a hassle! Finding the right exchange company for you and sorting it out in advance, can save you more than you think.

For the cheapest exchange rates, we recommend ordering online or price compare high street exchange branches - you'll be surprised how prices vary! If you've left until the airport to get your travel money sorted, we're here to help.

Bristol Airport Money Exchange - Bureau de Change

There are 3 Bureau de Change desks throughout Bristol Airport where you can order currency. They offer over 50 currencies are available at competitive exchange rates. You can pay with debit cards, credit cards or cash.

Before Security: There is a Bureau de Change desk near the easyjet check-in. It's open 4am - 6.30pm daily.

After Security: You can find this Bureau, just past World Duty Free and is open 4am - 6.30pm daily, extended hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Arrivals: This one is next to International Baggage reclaim so it's a great pit-stop if you're flying into the UK and need to stock up on change. Stop by between 7.30am - 11.15pm daily, extended hours on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (until 12.30am).

Bristol Airport Travel money

You can take advantage of the providers' online rate (which is usually much better) and then just pick up your currency at the airport, saving you money and time which is often in short supply when you are trying to make sure you don't miss your flight!

Travelex Bristol Airport

This is probably the safest way to carry your travel money. Prepaid currency cards include brands like the Money Card from Travelex. Load up to 10 available currencies onto the card to spend how you like.

The money is not linked to your bank account and you can withdraw cash at any time with no ATM fees. You can also be reassured that if anything does go wrong, 24/7 assistance is on hand.

There isn't a Travelex store at Bristol Airport, but you can order it in advance and have it delivered or visit a high street branch near you.

Credit and Debit Cards

Feel free to use your own UK debit or credit cards whilst abroad. However, it's worth popping into your bank and checking up on any charges that might incur, on top of conversion rates and inflation. It pays to know these things.

Home Delivery

If you're organised enough to sort your currency out well in advance, why not make use of a home delivery service? Simply order your currency online and opt to have it sent to your home or office.

Bristol Airport Post Office Travel Money

Wherever you're going, pick up your holiday money from Post Office with 0% commission and competitive exchange rates.

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