Bristol Airport Children's Facilities

We understand that travelling with children isn't easy. Your flight might be departing at sleepy, unsociable hours, or you may need to know what kind of baby food and milk you can access through security if you're travelling babies and toddlers. To save you time and effort, we've put together these tips to help you have a smooth journey while travelling with the kids through Bristol Airport.

Travelling with babies and toddlers

travelling with children: baby on a plane with mother

There are baby care facilities in two of the toilets on the ground floor. There is a separate babycare facility on the mezzanine floor and several babycare facilities on the first floor within the departures lounge

In Superdrug you can pre-order baby essentials such as nappies, baby food and milk. This means you can clear security with ease and pick up the parcel waiting for you at Superdrug. A great time and stress saver for young families travelling at Bristol Airport.

Looking to carry your own baby products through security? Always be aware of what liquids and semi-liquids you may be carrying such as milk and baby food.

If you're worried or carrying a lot, you can call ahead to let security know or ask them for advice; alternatively, book a place on Fast-Track Security to skip the majority of the queue and enjoy a simpler security experience.

Travelling with young families

What entertainment is available at Bristol Airport for the kids? If your kids are full of beans, there's plenty of entertainment at Bristol to keep them occupied.

You can always avoid the stress of long journeys by bringing your own books, games and toys for your family. Alternatively, WHSmith , Claire's Accessories and World Duty-Free all offer a range of things to do with the kids: books, puzzles, games and food. See exactly what shops are available.

Remember that an airport can be a wonderland through the eyes of a child. Find some excellent tips for flying with small children and how to make the airport a safe playground for the kids with the Flying with Babies and Toddlers Guide from the Airport Parking Shop.

Bristol Airport Children's Facilities - children at airport

Why not take a tour of the airport and the exciting bargains you can pick up in Duty-Free? The ultimate shopping trip!

Things to consider

Bristol Airport Children's Facilities - car seat

If you are travelling with children and you will be hiring a car to get to and from Bristol Airport you should consider arranging a child seat.

To avoid confusion as to what child seats are considered safe and are required in the UK by law read the Department for Transport website. The law doesn't actually extend to taxis, but it's always better safe than sorry.

The ruling is that if the taxi or private-hire cab does not offer a child seat, then you may travel so long as the child is using a seat belt and in one of the rear seats.

It's been advised that under 3's should have a car-seat since they don't fit adult seat-belts.

At the airport: Most on-site restaurants have child seats and high chairs available on request, so if it'll help your experience, don't hesitate to ask. Here's all the info you need on Bristol Airport's Bars and Restaurants.

In the air: On request, nearly every airline will offer a child restraint device (CRD) to help buckle up with your toddler. This is to help passengers holding very young children or babies on their laps, rather than buying an extra seat (children under the age of 2 have to be held a parent or guardian while in flight). So long as you're holding them tight to you and you're securely belted in, you should be fine. Often, you can bring your own but it's worth checking with your provider.

Bristol Airport Children's Facilities - small child on plane
Different airlines have different models and policies, but if you're worried, just give them a call or specifically request the extra assistance to help with your young family.
Why not pay for Fast Track? It's a service that means you skip most (or all!) of the queue. This is perfect for young families or if you're travelling with autistic or disabled passengers. Fast Track at Bristol is offered by Holiday Extras. To give you an idea of prices, two adults and two children costs £24 and saves you a lot of potential drama in the long run. Generally, a single adult pass is £6.