Bristol Airport Duty Free

Do you need any clarification on your allowances before you start shopping in duty-free at Bristol Airport? Confused about the new Brexit rules? Worry not, we've got you covered! Read on below and we'll explain the new rules!

Bristol Airport Duty-Free Location

At Bristol Airport, World Duty Free can be found immediately after you exit security. You can find a wide range of alcohol, tobacco products, food and other products there.

New Duty-Free Rules

As Brexit has taken place, this means that there are now new rules to duty-free allowances! But worry not, you are still allowed to bring a fair amount of goods and services into the UK without being charged extra tax! We will go over all the new rules and try to make it as simple as we possibly can for you.

When you are bringing the goods to the UK, you must be bringing them in yourself. They can be for your personal use or you could give them away as a gift. You must not go over your allowance and if you do, you have to declare them before arriving in the UK, to whichever category they fit. We will talk about the different categories and the allowances you have below.

Tobacco Allowance

For tobacco allowance, there is a generous amount available! You may bring in:

Post-Brexit Tobacco Duty Free allowances

Alcohol Allowance

You are allowed to bring a generous amount of alcohol too! You may bring in:

Post-Brexit Alcohol Duty Free allowances

Alcohol and tobacco allowances if you're under 17

If you're under the age of 17, then, unfortunately, you are not allowed any personal allowance. However, if you still wish to bring it, you will have to pay tax and duty on them before your arrival in the UK.

Allowance for other goods

If you want to bring other goods, you can bring up to £390. If you want to bring more, you will have to pay duty and tax on the total sum, not just the sum that's gone above the allowance. Make sure that you don't go over because you may have to pay import VAT too as well as duty and tax. We're sure you don't want to do that so ensure your total sum doesn't go over the limit!

Collect On Return at Bristol Airport

At Bristol you can take away some of the stress of duty free shopping by opting for their Collect On Return service - simply shop as you normally would but inform the sales attendant that you would like to collect your goods when you return.

You can then leave for your flight without having to worry about extra carry on or space in your luggage, simply collect your goods when you land back at Bristol Airport! If you don't like shopping at the airport, you can also pre-order your shopping online up to 24 hours before you fly. You can then arrive at the airport and pick up your pre-packed shopping!

If you wanted something else, head over to the shopping page to see what other shops are on hand to keep you (and your bank balance) entertained.

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