WiFi Access at Bristol Airport


Bristol Airport offers access to the internet whether you are travelling with a suitable device or not. Desks with PCs are situated at various points in the airport and printing services are also available (a PIN is provided to make sure no-one else can access your printed pages). Free Wi-Fi access is limited and is less generous than many other airports.

What is it called?

Look for BRS Airport Wi-Fi on your Smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Is it free and for how long?

Bristol Airport allows 30 minutes access to Wi-Fi free of charge. For longer periods of surfing or for access to VPN (virtual private network) charges apply.

What are the charges?

No information is available regarding the level of these charges or how to pay.

How do I connect?

Select the network for the airport Wi-Fi on your device and follow the on-screen prompts to connect.