Hotel for airport; jobs for Bristol

Pederson Airport Hotels is to build a new hotel at Bristol Airport, just 100m from the main terminal building. Costing £20m to complete, the hotel will incorporate meeting rooms, a bar and restaurant, and two hundred and fifty shiny new rooms.

Bristol is the largest international airport in the UK without a hotel to its name. Officials claim that the facility could generate twenty-five direct jobs at the airport, with tens more in the city centre.

An expansion of the airport’s terminal and improved transport links will also form part of the planning application, due to be submitted by April 2010. Officials hope to reduce the airport’s impact on the local environment by making it more convenient for flyers to leave their cars at home. On-site parking will also help to alleviate congestion in and around the airport site.

Bristol’s latest endeavour is designed to appeal to a particular audience – late and early arrivals too tired to stand up. Airline crew members will also spend time at the hotel during overnight stopovers.

Chief executive at Bristol, Robert Sinclair, was keen to boost the overall appeal of Bristol Airport. “The hotel will provide a much-needed service, for business passengers in particular, and will improve first impressions of the region for visitors.”

The hotel, which will be Pederson’s fourth in the Bristol area, will begin accepting bookings in 2012. A prominent service brand is expected to take over from the developer during the later stages of construction.

Despite the perceived benefits of an expansion to Bristol Airport, a number of local councils have objected to the scheme, claiming that the extra flights will cause significant damage to local eco-systems, and to the ears of nearby residents.

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