Don’t drink and fly, say Somerset police

Somerset police have asked travellers not to turn up at their local airport drunk, or with the intention of getting drunk while waiting for their flight. The warning, which applies to Bristol Airport, but could easily be extrapolated to any hub in the country, is designed to deter a “small minority” from causing trouble at the Lulsgate site.

The ‘Know Your Limit’ campaign may appear to be a response to an escalating problem, but the Somerset Constabulary was quick to point out that there have been no significant alcohol-related incidents at Bristol Airport in 2011. The purpose of the scheme, then, is prevention, rather than cure.

Bristol Airport is the largest airport in southwestern England, serving the counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, and of course, Somerset. The hub handled almost 6m people last year, many of which were heading to popular resorts in Europe, such as Alicante, Ibiza, and Prague. The popularity of Bristol’s routes with stag and hen parties means that large groups of people may be passing through the airport, and, more often than not, visiting the airport’s food and drink outlets.

While there is nothing immediately wrong with consuming alcohol at an airport, and many nervous or bored travellers will eventually make their way to a bar or coffee house, flyers who choose to drink beer or wine should be aware of their personal ‘limit’.

PC Andy Bibbings, of the Somerset Constabulary, said that anti-social behaviour that “negatively effects the enjoyment of other passengers” or “causes anyone to feel threatened or unsafe” would not be tolerated. “The reality is that the culprit may end up in a cell”, the police officer explained.

The Know Your Limit campaign will run in tandem with a customer information scheme, “Drink Awareness for Passengers”. The latter project will be supported by leaflets and ‘table-top spinners’, located around the airport.

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