Bristol launches scheme to help stranded passengers

Bristol Airport has announced exciting plans to launch a new service which will help stranded passengers. Every year, one in eight travellers suffer the misfortune of missing their flight through no fault of their own. Missing a flight can have devastating financial knock-on effects as passengers desperately attempt to rearrange car hire reservations, change hotel bookings and alter transfers. They may even have to fork out on travel to a different airport.

However, the new service, offered by, will help passengers find convenient travel alternatives from Bristol Airport. The head of commercial aviation and route development at the airport, Shaun Browne, expressed his delight at the introduction of the scheme. He believes that it is fantastic for passengers to have “an expert resource at their fingertips” following a missed flight. Browne continued to discuss the “in-depth knowledge of international connections” boasted by

Bristol Airport has always been a popular choice with travellers living in the surrounding regions. Two years ago, the airport was the ninth busiest in the UK and over 5 million passengers passed through its doors.

If you are unlucky enough to miss a flight, follow these simple steps provided by the website:

  • Firstly, do not panic.
  • Contact a member of the company and inform them of your intended destination and previous travel plans.
  • The company will do all it can to find alternative travel arrangements by taking advantage of pre-negotiated rates with airlines, coach and bus companies, car hire companies and hotels.

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