Bristol City Council opposes airport expansion

The £150 million plans for the expansion of Bristol International Airport have not been backed by Bristol City Council. The Council, the original owners of the airport, have formally objected to North Somerset Council, the authority dealing with the planning application.

In a letter to the Head of Development Control at North Somerset on 18/08/09, Bristol City Council stated that their ‘position on the development proposals remained substantially unchanged’ from their original objections. These were raised after the publication of the Master Plan for the airport in 2006.

The plans will double the size of the terminal which was only opened in March 2000; there will be a five storey car park, a new runway apron and new passenger walkways. Passenger numbers are expected to rise from the current 6 million to 10 million by 2016 and to 12.5 million by 2030.

Bristol City Council recommends that the airport minimise the increase in noise the expansion will bring. It suggests that ‘the expansion is likely to work against the City Council’s aspirations for cleaner air in the city’. The Council is unclear how the proposal will reduce the airport’s target for carbon dioxide emissions but does back the increase in the Bristol Flyer coach service to Bristol.

The objection from Bristol City Council was submitted as part of the wider public consultation process which has now ended. The decision on the expansion plans will be taken by North Somerset Council at a date yet to be decided.

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