Bristol Airport bus service gets £2 million boost

Bristol Airport has announced that the bus service linking the airport to the city centre is to undergo a £2 million makeover. The complete overhaul of the bus service will improve transport links and bring greater accessibility to and from the airport.

The Flyer route operates between the airport and the city centre. 12 new buses will be added to the service, at a cost of £180,000 each, replacing the current nine that are in operation. The first six new buses are going to arrive this spring, with the rest following in 2011.

Bristol Airport has been criticised in the past for not having a rail link like most other airports. It is hoped that the new bus service will go some way towards making up for this and will show that the airport is doing all it can to improve its public transport network.

One of the main improvements the new bus service will bring is that buses will be leaving from the airport once every 10 minutes at peak times rather than once every 15 minutes. To ensure that as many people as possible can take advantage of the buses, they will stop at important locations such as Bristol Temple Meads Station.

The bus service is operated by First, with whom the airport has just renewed its partnership.

The commercial manager at Bristol Airport, Tom Hack, said that over half a million passengers used the bus service last year, and that the new service “will ensure inbound visitors receive a good first impression, and will provide an even more attractive alternative to the car for local travellers.”

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