£5 to fast track security at Bristol

One of the least enjoyable parts of flying off on a holiday has to be standing in queues at the airport. However, from 5 Aug holidaymakers and business travellers flying out of Bristol airport will be able to fast track through security for just a fiver.

The fast track passes are available either in advance when making an online booking or at the airport kiosks. The move has come after 60% of business travellers using the airport said they would be willing to pay for such a facility.

Alison Roberts from Bristol airport said that they had taken note of passengers’ views and realised that people want to spend less time queuing and more time in the departure lounges. Measures have already been taken to improve queuing time but there are still people, especially regular business passengers, who are willing to pay for the privilege of being able to “guarantee an even quicker journey through the airport”, hence the decision to introduce the Fly Thru option.

Similar schemes operate at Liverpool airport, where passengers can pay £2 to join a separate security channel. Newquay airport charges £5, whilst Norwich charges £3 for the same service. Passenger watchdog, the AUC, condemned the move last year, raising concerns that it was resulting in much longer queues for passengers not willing to pay the extra charge.

In America passengers can pay a fee of $128 a year to undergo security checks and have data such as finger prints and iris scans put on a Clear card which then allows them to fast track through security.

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