4000 new jobs likely at Bristol

New plans to expand Bristol International Airport could create approximately 4,000 new jobs if approved by North Somerset Council. The decision will probably be announced by the end of May and opinion is currently split as to what the best outcome would be.

The firm in charge of the new plans to extend the terminal building at Bristol and introduce extra car parking space as well as brand new stands for aircraft believes that the boost to the local economy which could result from the plans would be significant.

The chief executive of Bristol International Airport, Robert Sinclair, mirrored the thoughts of the firm, stating that the expansion (which would see the airport capable of handling approximately ten million individuals, an increase of four million on the current figure) would help “attract tourists directly into the region”, which would undoubtedly help to support “the local economy”.

Although officials at Bristol have revealed that the environmental impact of the new plans would be managed carefully, several organisations have made their opposition to the scheme known. The Stop Bristol Airport Expansion group is one such example and a spokeswoman revealed that the proposed expansion “makes a mockery of the government’s green credentials as supposed leaders on climate change”.

Groups such as Stop Bristol Airport Expansion believe that the potential economic boost is negligible in importance when viewed in the light of the environmental impact. The news from airport officials that airlines would try to operate quieter planes after the expansion is unlikely to calm their fears.

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