Living Near Bristol Airport

Bristol is the gateway to the south west of England, a thriving city rich in history yet bursting with modern developments. The city has always been an important transport hub due to its setting on the docks and waterside but in recent years Bristol airport has played a major role in air transportation for the south west.

Starting its life back in 1927, the airport has steadily developed, with Bristol International officially the fastest growing airport in 2002, handling 3 million passengers. New UK, European and now International routes are being added as the airport grows and today nearly 4 million passengers travel through the airport each year.

The 2003 Government white paper 'The Future of Air Transport' setting out framework for the development of airport capacity in the UK supported further development of Bristol Airport as traffic is predicted to rise to 10-12 million passengers a year by 2030.

As the airport grows and gets busier, staff levels will increase and regular travellers may wish to take the opportunity to live close by. It is inevitable that the demand for housing will increase which will consequently have an effect of property prices in the area and encourage new housing development.

On the flipside, increasing the airport's size and capacity may have a negative effect on property prices in the area due to the detrimental environmental effects, including increased noise and volume of traffic to the area.

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Living Near the Airport